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Recurring Events

12 weekly options for Revive training lasting 15 to 30 minutes
Registration is required: Call 804-727-8515 to register

Free virtual rapid Revive Training!
Learn how to address an opioid overdose with Naloxone. Get the life saving medication for FREE! Medication is sent to your home when training is completed.

Mondays: 5pm – 8pm
Fridays: 1pm – 4pm

Health Brigade, 1010 N. Thompson St Richmond, VA 2320

Health Brigade's Comprehensive Harm Reduction (CHR) program provides information and materials to give you options for safer drug use. These include clean needles, syringes, cookers, filters, and more. CHR services are free.
Last Thursday of Every Month, 11am - 1pm
HAMHDS Richmond Medical Park, 2010 Bremo Road, Suite 122

No appointment or ID needed. Takes 10-15 minutes. Learn how to recognize and respond to an opioid overdose emergency.